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Get to know Raven

Hi, I'm Raven! 

I am the founder and social media strategist of Rave Social LLC!


I understand how intimidating it can be to hand the keys to your social media accounts to someone you do not know.


That's why I prioritze getting to know my clients, their brand - AND allow them to get to know me! 

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How did you get started?

While Rave Social LLC was only formed 1 year ago in March of 2022, I have had a passion for social media for years! 

While working on my bachelor's degree in multimedia journalism, I realized I could use all of my journalism and content creation skills in a more creative fashion through social media!

While in college, I volunteered to run any social media account I could get my hands on just for fun and extra experience! 

I became obsessed with learning everything there was to know about social media marketing and LOVED the thrill of watching the accounts I managed grow and thrive.

After graduating, I decided to go with my gut and start freelancing straight out of college rather than jumping into corprate America... best and scariest decision I have ever made in my life. 

...and Rave Social LLC was formed shortly after!


What can my clients expect from me?

Passion and committment are two of my core values. My clients trust me to create quality content that fits their brand and their goals! I treat each account as if it were my own because YOUR success is MY success. I pride myself in allowing businesses owners to save time on social media, while creating results such as increased brand awareness, lead generation and increased web traffic. 


Where am I located? Currently, Fayetteville, North Carolina. However, my husband is military so it is amazing to have a business I can carry with me wherever the Army sends us!

What do I do for fun? I am a proud over-enthusiastic dog mom so in my free time I am probably hanging out with my doggos and husband. I also enjoy going to the gym, reading, and shopping at TJ Maxx/Target!

Something I can't live without: Fun beverages - I am 100% a beverage girl and love to always have a yummy drink! Iced coffees, Starbucks refreshers, Alani Nu Energy, 7 Brew Iced Energy etc. 

Favorite color? If it was not obvious by my branding... all shades of pink!

One thing on my bucket list: I would love to do a European trip OR stay in an over-water bungalo in Bora Bora!

Now let's see if we are a good fit to work together!

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